Colorado Parks & Wildlife-Outdoor Adventure Expo-Cherry Creek State Park

Colorado Parks & Wildlife held their first annual ‘Outdoor Adventure Expo’ at Cherry Creek State Park this weekend.  They personally invited the Gone Feral School of Primitive and Traditional Skills and founder, Doug Hill, to be there along with approximately 20 other much larger organizations.  This was a great testament to the Gone Feral school!  The weekend was all about showcasing what outdoor recreation opportunities Colorado has to offer.  Doug asked Scott to come along to participate and help educate and share with people what the Gone Feral school is all about. Doug & Scott set-up in a campsite.  They did lots of fire-making demo’s using a bow drill, and even cooked over the fire using a primitive cooking structure just like the one used at the Gone Feral field site.  They showcased hand-made bows, natural cordage and baskets weaved out of willow bark.  They also had some hide tanning pieces on display.  Scott had a great time and was excited to be able share his experience and skills with lots of people, including many young adults and kids!

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