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The resources listed here are what we have found helpful and we recommend them.  Prepped and Frosty is a conglomeration and simplification of best practices, as shared here.  Time is the one resource you have that you cannot get back once you have spent it.  Our brains are our greatest asset.

Go, Do, Share, Enable.  Get busy!  “Get after it “–  Jocko Willyink

Prepped and Frosty is a “cliff notes” style accumulation of realizations and best practices identified by others, rolled up into a realization that happiness ~=survival ~=effectiveness.  There is a book about each of these listed below.  You can live your life reaching your greatest potential and power comprehensibly-robust and affordably.


Understand the realizations of our ancestors and discover a map of how to be alive in this world.



We all want to be happy.  Here are some references that help explain what it takes to be happy.

What Happy People Know explains happiness traps (money, pleasure, materialism,…) and happiness tools (taking action).  Fear is identified as the #1 enemy of happiness and we are hard-wired for it.

Your Brain at Work explains how your brain works and offers a metaphor (stage with actors on it) that helps to understand how limited your brain is in achieving your life’s goals, and how to stop fear from hi-jacking your brain. You have limited brain power is the ultimate message so prioritize prioritizing or you will run out of brain.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle provides us the ultimate tool for controlling fear by recognizing that ‘you are not your brain’.  The ultimate dragon that we are to slay in or life is our ego, the source of your fear and suffering.


Deep Survival is about survival situations and who lives, who dies and why.  Happy, effective people fight and live.  Unhappy, ineffective people die.  Learn about the 4 poisons of the mind: 1) Fear 2) Hesitation 3) Confusion 4) Surprise.  The message is that your survival kit is inside you, spend your life building a core, and learn about nature and her materials.  Even simple systems behave in unpredictable, complex ways.

Effectiveness:  To be effective takes a lot of work.  Happiness tools are about taking action.  This reference offers a framework of increasing your effectiveness and getting things done.

Getting Things Done defines how to do mental work like an athlete.  The book explains the characteristics of an ideal planning system.  Provides a framework we all want:  Organized Relaxed Control, Stress Free Productivity, Consistent Positive Output.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People identifies a path that will lead you from dependence to independence to interdependence and provides a pathway for you to complete your mission in life.  Daily private victory is the concept of renewal that powers your upward spiral to ever increasing effectiveness.

Simplicity and Minimalism: Simplicity and leanness are about removing waste and increasing speed.  “It’s a subtraction process” – Bruce Lee.

The More of Less highlights what most everyone wants out of life and introduces minimalism as a concept to achieve it.  As noted in What Happy People Know, owning more stuff is a happiness trap.  Learn about the promises and technique of minimalism.

Our Prepped and Frosty Telescope Concept:  We use this telescopic structure to understand what is essential and necessary for our happiness.  “The more you know, the less you carry” – Mors Kochansky.  Understanding the “telescope” and acting on it helps you understand what you really need so that you can achieve your wants with greater ease.  As pointed out in Deep Survival:  Everything is blown away in a survival situation but your survival kit is inside you.  Learn about the survival rule of 3’s and how you can countermeasure them with what you carry 1) in a vehicle 2) in a backpack 3) acquiring your needs with the aid of the knife, axe and saw and 4) acquiring and making what you need from the land.


Explore van-dwelling:  Cheap RV Living

This video documentary (50 min) is an interesting perspective of understanding what is important in life and having the courage to go after it.  It is a form of simplification or voluntary simplicity worth watching.

We like Cody Lundine’s books in the van-dwelling arena.  He introduces the challenges of nature and modern methods to combat them.



Trail Life is our favorite backpacking book.  Geared toward lightweight backpacking for 3 season through-hiking, Ray Jardine offers lessons from many trail miles.   Once acquainted with bushcraft knowledge, you will notice Ray broaches several subjects but stops short, indicating they are beyond the scope of this book.  His backpacking recommendations have solutions in them that lend themselves to further development in bushcraft and primitive living.  Namely, making your own gear, cook fires and use of a pot, use of a tarp.  Modern lightweight gear is powerful.  You can cover great distances in nature without being reliant on it.


This short video by Tim Smith helps explain what bushcraft is about:

Bushcraft offers a well rounded introduction to interfacing with nature at deeper levels using the knife, axe, and saw.   Mors Kochanski is legendary and his lessons are mandatory in our thinking.

Inexpensive and far more-than-adequate knife, saw and axe options below:


Primitive Living:

How lean and minimalist can you actually go?  The following references offer lessons of our collective ancestry going back millions of years.  The Edge, Fire, and Cordage were the keys to human evolution.   As advised in Deep Survival, learn about nature and her materials, spend your life building a core.

Food is the only long term survival issue.  Learn about foraging for plants and animals.


Learn about and practice primitive living.  Learnings at this level help you understand meeting the challenges of nature and survival at the most basic level as our ancestors did.  You will find that living at this level is a group activity requiring participation at a group level largely due to the broad knowledge required, the scarcity of resources and the labor required.  Selective choice of modern technology increases efficiency and allows you increased self-reliance as an individual.

In this video, Mors Kochanski outlines primitive living requirements and contrasts it to modern survival concepts.

Learning the skills of your ancestors:


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