Life is an Adventure, Get Good at It

Life is an adventure so you should get good at adventuring.  Be Radiant, be Prepped, and be Frosty.

Radiant, Prepped, and Frosty (RPF) is a multi-tool for attacking the adventures of life.  RPF are Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (JKD) fighting principles extended to everyday living. RPF is a living style, stripped to its essentials that enables us to follow our own unique path and to operate effectively in a world of chaos and win. Adventuring is simply intentionally entering the the unknown world of chaos where uncertainty reigns.  The principle characteristic and foundation of JKD is the stance assumed.  RPF replicates this stance transforming the physical into a mental outline.   Ultimately there should be no style as you are unique.  If your style is borrowed, it is not yours and you are limited.  As with JKD, RPF is a boat to get one across the river of complexity, to your yonder shore, where you can maximally express yourself with sophisticated spontaneity.  Having internalized the lessons, the boat can be left behind.  Its the stance that enables flexibility and adaptability to changing conditions.

Being Radiant, Prepped and Frosty (RPF) gives you the ability to adapt to change and express yourself with sophisticated spontaneity in any situation.  RPF is a mental stance that can be rapidly loaded into your mental stage, placing you in a relaxed, on guard position, ready to deal with any situation.  This stance / position is ideal for embarking on any adventure.  The adventure will require courage, timing, speed, and power in that order.  Be ready, or you will miss the window of opportunity.  The more you practice it, the more magnificent your life will be.  Happiness, Survival, and Effectiveness are largely the same thing. They share the common denominator of the need to take competent action in the face of uncertainty, which is an adventure.  Learn to adventure well.  Outputs are controlled by inputs.  RPF are your controllable inputs and within your circle of influence.

Baseline Paradigms:

Your everyday habits, posture to life, attitude and overall being is your baseline.  Its your recipe for approaching things.  Unfortunately you most likely cannot describe it because it is constantly in flux, and unknown to you.  Previous training, self help models, techniques, beliefs, opinions all shape your paradigm.  In the internet age’s unprecedented rate of change, you need to understand your paradigm and keep it updated.  RPF provides a simple, generic, effective base model, for you to build on top of and customize for yourself.  Make adventure your paradigm and cultivate your RPF skills.


The brain requires simplicity.  This is why the we tend to abstract and stereotype.  We can only load a limited amount of conceptional information onto our mental stage at a time, and that stage is extremely energy intensive to keep lit up.  Complex systems with many moving parts are not sustainable because they require too many resources to hold things together. If the concept is too complicated , you cannot deal with the entirety of it at one time and it will ultimately unravel and yield to entropy.   First Principles are principles broken down to the most basic and primitive level.  RPF are first principles, key inputs, the basics needed for sophisticated, elegant, and speedy action. They are critical success factors in obtaining competency that leads to your greatest self.  Simply state the words “Radiant, Prepped and Frosty” and your mental stage is locked and loaded for offensive progress in any scenario, in known or unknown territory.

RPF Super Simple Summary:

Radiant, Prepped and Frosty is a mental stance, easily loaded onto your mental stage just by saying the words.  Your weapons of Confidence, Strategic Planning, and Tactical execution are then locked and loaded and can be deployed independently if necessary or in conjunction with one another.

  • Radiant
    • Lead from your spirit and reach flow at will
    • I have confidence to take risks, know I will fail often, and that is how I learn.
    • I am powerful, have gifts/strengths/ abilities that I am uniquely good at.
    • I am following my bliss, know good things are in store for me if I utilize my talents,
    • Perfection does not exist, things will go wrong.  I expect that and can recover, revamp, and revise easily.
    • Boldness has genius in it.
    • There is nobody like me and I will need to blaze my own path one day in order to fully express who I am.
    • My spirit validates who I am, allows me to trust my strengths, gives me enough confidence to take risks, and therefore gives me courage to overcome fear.
  • Prepped
    • I can develop a strategy for anything and get to taking action quickly.  Others will help me if I want or need it.
    • I can gather information and make a plan that mitigates things going wrong.
    • I know I cannot get all the information and need to go with my gut most of the time.
    • There is a 1/4 second space between stimulus and response.  This is where choice lives.  Do not let your reptilian brain emotionally high-jack you.
  • Frosty 
    • I can tactically act without hesitation when I need to.
    • I am alert and attentive to what is going on around me.
    • I am on offense, looking for opportunities to take action, learn, and grow.
    • I am ready for action and will roll with whatever comes.
    • Most things are not complicated and I simply need to take action until they are complete.
    • Without hesitation, I can hit a single, or deliver my entire being into an action for a home run swing.

RPF overview and the RPF Stance:

Radiant, Prepped and Frosty are interdependent dimensions of skill that allow you to generate responses to whatever conditions arise.   It is a philosophical “on guard stance” generating a flexible orientation to the chaos of life.  With this relaxed stance, you are poised to initiate directional actions with speed and power, and then return to a relaxed stance.  The stance forms a power line for expression of your greatest self.   With this proper stance, you are on offense.  Once the stance is adopted, you start subtracting and simplifying overcoming human nature to make things more and more complicated. Complexity breeds waste and is not sustainable.  You will seek simplicity, the ultimate sophistication.  This 3 pronged stance is a relaxed position most favorable to the  execution of all of your total techniques and skills.  Central to this, is putting your strong side forward, your spiritual self.  The sophisticated simplicity of RPF loads onto your mental stage easily, and is ready for quick decision making.   Simply say ” Radiant, Prepped and Frosty”, and you are ready to strike appropriately.  Within the methodology skills, you can act without thinking if necessary (No mind), plan in detail if necessary.  From the RPF stance, our solution delivery will be comprised of the appropriate proportions of Radiant spirituality, Prepped strategy, and Frosty tactics.

Radiant Basic Explanation:

Radiance is dimension of spirituality.  It is your source of power, your bucket list, and your sense of fulfillment.  Its about floating with the current of life rather than thrashing against it.  It is a powerful source of energy and is where your gifts and strengths lie.  We are all unique and this is where your uniqueness comes from.  You are configured to achieve a unique propose and thus are gifted with certain strengths and weaknesses.  If you don’t believe in what you are doing your personal power disappears. The spiritual dimension authorizes you to be you.  Be you.  The best you.  Do what you are.  Lead with your strengths. Be your greatest self.  Your true self beyond the mind.  Spirituality appears in all self help methodologies and is  “the key”  to your greatest performance.  They are speaking exactly about the same principle.  What we term being Radiant.

  • Habit 2 of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is “Beginning with the end in mind ” and is sharpened daily in habit 7:  Renewal.  Thinking spiritually reveals what is important to you, i.e. what are first things.  This is followed by habit 3:  Putting first things first.
  • Getting Things Done by David Alan strives to achieve a Zen like state of performance and flow.
  • Bruce Lee’s martial art Jeet Kune Do (JKD) as well as other martial arts strive to achieve a state of no-mind.  The mind interferes with your ability to react quickly with speed.
  • Nature awareness skills promote making your awareness greater than your disturbance.  i.e. shutting your mind off, being more present, and observing more.
  • Emotional Intelligence entails shutting off the mind and activating your senses to collect social information
  • Spiritually is critical to your happiness per Dr. Dan Baker in “What Happy People Know”.

Prepped Basic Explanation:

Prepped is the dimension of mental thinking abilities.  It is the dimension of thought.  Lost in thought is our default mode of existence.  We desire to plan, optimize, and control our environment.  In doing so, we typically make it more complicated. We need this capability but your conscious brain should not be in charge.  It is far inferior to Radiant potentialities that you posses.   Your conscious brain is limited.  Your Radiant potentialities are limitless. Our brains are extremely powerful tools, but should not be in charge.  Its incessant compulsive thinking blocks you from accessing spiritual presence, causes undue suffering, and wastes tons of energy.  We strive to develop logic skills, but also keep them in reserve.  No need to worry, your brain will keep running your body even when you suspend thinking.  When left to run rampant, your brain tortures you and clutters up your existence and is contagious to others.  The goal of Prepped is to simply be prepared for whatever may come.  Do the thinking, know what is important, keep things orderly and tight.  Independently, we want to be able to plan before taking action to mitigate mistakes and make things go smoother.

Frosty Basic Explanation:

Frosty is the dimension of speedy action.  Independently, we want to cultivate the skill of acting without thinking, with no-mind.  If you a dueling a samurai, caught in street fight, getting abused at the water cooler, or become blood in the water in a meeting with management sharks, retaliate immediately and decisively or start taking your lumps.  Real life situations exist where mental hesitation and stopping to think is costly, possibly deadly.  In extreme situations, there can be no space between stimulus and response.

Maturity of RPF skills:

Each dimension of skill deserves independent focus and development to maturity.  The maturity range for each is on a scale form 0% – 100%.  In theory, each independent tool can be used as an approach to solve virtually any problem, although crudely.  Sophisticated, speedy, on target, problem solving ability comes when they are blended resulting in a more sophisticated response, proportional to the stimulus.


  • Optimal performance is a custom blend of being Radiant, being Prepped, and being Frosty
  • Mathematically
    • Performance = f ( Radiant, Prepped, Frosty)


Interdependence of RPF skills:

Per the Venn diagram below, the skills are interdependent on each other.  Failing in any one of these first principle skills, weakens the other two.  Your best performance is in the center which allows for sophisticated spontaneity to challenges encountered.  This is the core we want to operate from as a baseline.  This RPF paradigm is optimal stance or ready position for dealing with change and chaos.

  • Radiant:  Confident, relaxed, poised, in tune, aware, strengths out front, fear in check, seeing everything at one time.
  • Prepped: Strategically on top of all things so that you can launch a new campaign if needed.
  • Frosty:  Alert, ready to act tactically at the drop of a hat.









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