Welcome to our site.  Our motto is Go, Do, Share and Enable. 

Life is an adventure and adventuring requires practice and refinement.  For us, adventuring in the outdoors is a perfect, magic bullet activity that renews us physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially.  If you think deeply about it,  survival, effectiveness, and happiness all have the common ingredient of competent action in varying conditions.  Outdoor adventuring is a crucible for the development of competent actions.

Prepped and Frosty is our recipe / methodology for creating or seizing opportunities for adventure. To practice and refine our adventure skills, we have to say “Yes!” as often as possible to opportunities both large and small.  Learning and experience increase with each adventure completed.  Saying “Yes!” to an opportunity self-derived, or offered, breaks down into two simple approaches.

  • Prepped is the readiness and freedom in our life to be able to say “Yes!”.
  • Frosty is detecting opportunities and responding  “Yes! – I’m in” with speed and vigor.

We work hard to find what works.  This site is about what has worked for us to live the life we want,  We aim to deliver simple, direct, hardcore capabilities the knowledge behind it, not pollyanna, ornamental half measures that are ultimately false hope.

Since Life is an adventure, we want to be good at adventuring and understanding its anatomy.  Together, Prepped and Frosty deliver a simple and direct framework balancing planning with action. Within this site, we share our experiences, methods, successes, and failures for us all to learn from.

We hope you enjoy our posts and you find some inspiration and motivation to say yes to adventure yourself.  We certainly do not know everything and work things out as we go:  going, doing, sharing and hopefully enabling.  

Scott & Margie

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    • Our van has been a key in generating flexibility and adaptability in our life.
    • It has been a conduit for minimizing, and evaluating what is important.
  • Review our BLOG posts:
    • We strive to Go, Do, Share, and Enable.  Our blog posts are intended to inspire and motivate us, as well as you, to keep adventure alive in our lives.